Since 1994, Parimatch has also offered sports betting on the Internet and has built up a loyal customer base in recent years. The betting provider has not only received several awards, but is also listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. The operational business is handled from the Mediterranean island of Malta. The EU license from Malta is a secure seal for a reputable online betting provider and prevents Parimatch Malaysia fraud. Initially more represented on the Scandinavian market, Parimatch betting was able to spread its offer more and more throughout Europe and is constantly expanding.


The Parimatch betting offer includes around 30 sports and numerous betting options. Live bets are also part of the provider’s portfolio. In addition, a 200% Parimatch bonus of up to 80 euros, for which no Parimatch bonus code is required, continues to attract new customers. In our Parimatch Review, we take a closer look at the sports betting provider. Below you will find our Parimatch experiences taking into account various criteria.

We took a closer look at the Parimatch experience and did a Parimatch review ourselves. In this article we have summarized our Parimatch review. Alternatively, you can also do a betting provider comparison, where you can see the best betting providers online.

Parimatch Login And Registration – Parimatch Legal?

By clicking on “Register” in the right corner with the button “Create Account” on the Parimatch website you will be taken straight to the registration form at Parimatch bet. This will open the registration form which will allow you to register with Parimatch. Of course, there are no costs for opening an account. In addition, according to our experience, the Parimatch registration is completed within two to three minutes.

In our experience, you can also register conveniently via the mobile app and it is just as easy as registering on the desktop.

Enter Personal Data

The Parimatch registration starts with the registration form. In this, the bookmaker asks for various information from you. This includes, for example, the e-mail address and the desired password. Additional data is also required when registering.

  • your birthday
  • your address
  • your gender

Under no circumstances should you use incorrect data here, as the data will be compared with official documents you have submitted. This is a requirement of the gaming authorities that every bookmaker must meet. This means that all customers must submit proof of identity before the first payout at the latest.

Parimatch Log In

Once you have opened an account, you can Parimatch login to the website at any time simply by clicking on the “Login” button . This can be found in the upper right area of ​​the website. You can login to Parimatch by providing your email address or username and password. Of course, the Parimatch sports betting login can also be done on the go. In both cases, you can also save your access data, which makes future deposits easier.

Parimatch First Deposit

After logging in, you have access to the entire range of bets and all additional functions of the bookmaker. You can now make your first deposit and claim the new customer bonus. You have different options for making deposits. These include Skrill, Neteller, Sofortüberweisung, Paysafecard, Visa credit cards, Mastercard credit cards, Ecopayz, bank transfer or Giropay. The minimum deposit is 10 euros.


Secure Bonus And Place Bets

With your first deposit you will receive up to 100 euros as a bonus at Parimatch. How high this is depends on your deposit . This means that if you deposit between 10 and 19.99 euros, you will receive a risk-free free bet worth 10 euros. Deposits between 20 and 49.99 euros give you a 20 euro free bet, deposits between 50 and 99.99 euros a 50 euro free bet, from a deposit of 100 euros you get a 100 euro Parimatch free bet.

Parimatch Bonus (Currently No Bonus Available) – Our Parimatch Review

The first point in our Parimatch deals with the Parimatch sports betting bonus. A betting bonus for new customers is considered good manners by any online bookmaker. Such bonuses can be found in a wide variety of versions at the various providers. Very often one finds 100% bonuses up to 100 euros, but lower or higher bonuses can also be offered. They differ in terms of the percentage and the maximum amount in euros. The sales conditions that apply to a sports betting bonus can also differ from each other.

At Parimatch there is a 100 percent bonus up to 100 euros. This means that twice the amount paid in is granted for the deposit. Claiming the offer is only possible if an account has been opened with Parimatch. This must be the first registration of the new customer. It is only valid for new customers from Malaysia and it now applies once per customer, e-mail address, IP address and household. Since this is a deposit bonus, the first deposit must be at least 10 euros. A maximum bonus amount of 100 euros is possible for the Parimatch Bonus:

  • €10 first deposit = €10 bonus = €20 wagering balance
  • €100 first deposit = €100 bonus = €200 wagering balance

If the deposit is greater than the maximum bet bonus amount required, the rest of the deposit bonus will be unlocked and available for withdrawal. In order for the Parimatch bonus and subsequent winnings to be paid out, certain wagering requirements must be met. These Parimatch bonus terms must be met in full, otherwise a bonus cannot be claimed. At Parimatch Malaysia you have 30 days to fulfill the conditions. We will go into more detail later on about the exact turnover conditions for the Parimatch sports betting bonus. It should be noted that the Parimatch bonus will not be awarded if you make the first deposit using Skrill or Neteller.

Current Parimatch Betting Offers: Sports, Special Bets And More

The Parimatch betting offer is the figurehead of a sports betting provider. The common and popular sports such as football, handball, volleyball, tennis, boxing, etc. can be found at all well-known online bookmakers. The difference is mostly seen in the more exotic sports and the number of betting options available at an event. A betting provider comparison is worthwhile here in order to compare the offers of different bookmakers. Here you will also get useful betting tips to take with you.

Every good bookmaker now has a wide range of sports bets. It is therefore not so easy to stand out as a betting provider from other bookmakers such as bet-at-home, bet365, tipico and Co. these days. However, Parimatch can certainly stand out against other providers. With the strong range of around 4,000 bets a day, every betting preference, no matter how unusual, should actually be served.Betting enthusiasts can find less well-known sports in Parimatch portfolio. And to mention it once: The popular sports, above all the king football, are of course also represented with numerous bets.

In total, Parimatch offers around 30 different sports for you to choose from. Depending on the sport, the variety of bets can vary. In football, which is by far the most popular sport, the variety of bets is particularly large. You can find bets for the top leagues in Malaysia or England. Many lower leagues are even offered for betting, which other betting providers do not offer. But there are also different leagues to choose from in categories such as volleyball or handball.


Parimatch review shows that the bookie can score less with an offer of winter sports bets. This is a bit disappointing, especially with Parimatch, as it is a bookmaker of Scandinavian origin that offers a wide selection in this area.

However, special bets and live bets are not missing from the betting provider’s offer. The range of special bets is quite large, depending on how popular the sport is. The sports betting range of special bets in the field of football is particularly large at major events such as the World Cup. You can bet on things like the number of points, entry into the eighth, quarter or semi-finals, entry into the final, the top scorer and much more. We’ll come back to live betting later.

As far as the odds are concerned, Parimatch bet is very different here. The average odds key is around 93% , which means that the bookie pays this value back to its customers. Parimatch keeps 7% as potential profit. Since this is an average value, this value varies depending on the sport and can be lower but also higher. Especially in popular sports and special events, the odds key is a few percentage points higher. This is the case, for example, with football in the Champions League. In the lower leagues, tipsters have to be content with lower values.

However, when it comes to tennis betting, Parimatch stands out a bit as the sport is very popular there when it comes to betting. Compared to Parimatch rather average payout rate, the provider shows its strength here and is one of the top providers when it comes to betting odds. Here in the Parimatch review, our Parimatch Malaysia experience has shown that placing bets is simple and straightforward.

You can find out which betting offers await you here in the following Parimatch bet, including our current Parimatch rating.

Exciting Parimatch Live Betting Offer & Live Stream

Parimatch has expanded significantly in its live betting area and is now one of the best offers in the sports betting market. The events that can be found in the live betting section come with a diverse selection of betting options for sports betting fans. In terms of the range of special bets, however, the bookie cannot compete with other betting providers and their portfolios. However, all basic tips such as bets on the winner, goal bets, set bets or handicap bets are represented.

The range of sports is also impressive. Football also dominates in the live betting area. But there are also a few other sports, such as tennis, volleyball, basketball, handball, ice hockey and motor sports.As with other providers, the live betting odds are also lower than the normal betting odds. Parimatch reviews  from our readers share that the competition never sleeps either. Top events can still keep up with the competition with their odds. As far as the smaller sports and events are concerned, the quota key is only around the 90% mark. Here it makes sense to compare different providers and their odds to always bet with the best odds. The development in the field of live betting is definitely positive at Parimatch online and can get even better over time.

Free live streams are even offered for some games, especially for football and tennis. However, live streams are not available for all leagues. In addition, Malaysia customers cannot watch the games of the Bundesliga in a live stream anyway, since the rights for the pictures in this country are owned by Sky. However, it is possible to access these streams from abroad. If a live stream is available, this is displayed for the respective sport. In order to watch a stream, there must also be credit on the betting account.

Parimatch Cash Out Feature – How Does It Work?

The Parimatch Cash Out function should already be familiar to most tipsters and is also offered by most bookmakers. This is the opportunity to get out of a bet early, so you sell your bet back to the betting provider Parimatch before it is finally decided. This allows you to minimize losses and secure smaller profits.

After you have logged into your Parimatch account, you will find “My Cash Out” bets in your bet slip folder.Here you will find all bets that you can cancel early. If Cash Out is available, this will appear on the betslip along with a number representing the amount you may get back for your bet. Depending on how the game you bet on develops, this amount can change constantly. It is therefore important to wait for the right moment for the best deal. After you have clicked on the field, you have to confirm again whether you are cashing out. The money will then be credited directly to your betting account. You can also access the Cash Out feature on the provider’s mobile app. All you have to do is download the Parimatch app or access the web app.


Parimatch alone decides on which games and events the Cash Out is offered. There is usually a cash out at football events, but cash out is also to be offered more and more often for other sports. In any case, you should not assume that the feature will be available for every bet, as it is a voluntary offer from the bookmaker.

Parimatch Mobile And App In The Parimatch Review

If you don’t want to do without Parimatch betting offer when you’re on the go, you can access it via the native Parimatch app or the web app . Mobile apps, whether as a download or web app, are standard for a betting provider. The native app requires a download, so it needs memory on the mobile device. The web app, on the other hand, can simply be accessed via the browser of the mobile device, so that no download is required. So you don’t even have to go to the nearest betting shop to bet when you’re on the road. So here you can find a really good Parimatch review.

Online we found a good Parimatch review about the app, which again shows that Parimatch is legal. You can also take a look at our Parimatch review where you can see how our experience with the mobile app was.

But when does it actually make sense to use the Parimatch Cash Out? It always makes sense when a game result is very close. For example, you bet on a game in the Bundesliga: Bayern Munich vs. Leverkusen. You think Bayern will win, but may only find out shortly beforehand that two of the most important players are injured. Now, when a Cash Out is offered, you can minimize your loss because your favorite team has become more likely to lose.

Under Certain Conditions, Betting At Parimatch Is Tax-Free – Our Parimatch Review

The betting tax must be paid by every Parimatch sports betting provider that is active in Malaysia. This means that 5% will be deducted from each bet. The bookmakers have the possibility to take over the tax completely for their customers themselves, to forward it directly and always to the customer or to forward it to the customer only in the event of a win. Particularly attractive for tipsters are of course the providers where the tax is completely eliminated for them or at least in the event of a loss. Parimatch experience, we find that the sports betting provider always calculates the 5% betting tax directly when placing a Parimatch bet,so that this is also payable in the event of a possible loss. If you place a €5 bet, this means that Parimatch will take 25 cents from that €5 for tax purposes. Your effective stake is therefore 4.75 euros. However, Parimatch also offers a promotion where no tax is levied at all – namely with combination bets (see above).

Is Parimatch legal in Malaysia? Is There Scam?

Security is not neglected at Parimatch, which is why fraud can be ruled out from the outset. First of all, the bookie has an EU license from the Malta Gaming Authority. Before a bookie can call the license his own, he must go through a concession process. For example, things like security in data transmission or the active fight against gambling addiction must be proven.


The existence of the Malta license confirms that Parimatch can comply with the strict requirements of the gambling ordinance and a customer does not have to worry about fraud . For example, customer funds are deposited in separate accounts, which means they are safe even if the betting provider should have to struggle with payment difficulties. All data on the platform is also protected by secure SSL encryption. Since the tippers must be at least 18 years old to gamble, Parimatch also uses a verification process. The Parimatch review that Parimatch is reputable and Parimatch Malaysia fraud can be ruled out.

Gambling Addiction Prevention

In order to protect its players from gambling addiction, the Parimatch sports betting provider also offers information about gambling addiction prevention on its Parimatch website and provides information about addresses for advisory organizations. Anyone who notices that playing on the platform is gaining the upper hand can set their own limits or exclude themselves from playing altogether. Exclusion from playing is possible temporarily for a few days, weeks or months or permanently. Parimatch itself also monitors the betting behavior of its customers and intervenes if something unusual happens. The experience of other customers confirms the safe and serious impression of the provider. Fraud is also not detected by Parimatch users.


In our opinion Parimatch bet is reputable. We could not find any Parimatch fraud. Parimatch opinions on the Internet were not comprehensible for us, our Parimatch review showed that Parimatch is legal. You can also take a look at reviews .