Cricket originated in England, but is mainly practiced in India, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. It is a demanding sport as the matches can last several days. It is not a common sport, so if you are not an expert, certain terminologies or steps can be a bit complicated. In any case, the main bookmakers such as Parimatch Malaysia offer many sports to bet on and we can also find a section dedicated to cricket events.

Cricket betting online

The most important Online Cricket Betting Events

In cricket betting we can find small events and competitions at an international level . Usually players bet more on big events because they are more interesting and exciting. To start betting in a sport it is essential to know all these events, so that you can understand what is worth betting on. Below we want to analyze 5 very popular events in cricket.

ICC Cricket World Cup

Let’s start talking about the most important event in the world: the ICC Cricket World Cup. This championship takes place every 4 years with a previous qualification of the teams that can last up to 6 years. The qualification of the teams is based on a ranking starting with 8 teams, and then getting to insert the others the year before the World Cup . The number of ranked teams varies from year to year, it depends on the rules. Participating in this championship is every cricket team’s dream and only members of the International Cricket Council (ICC) can participate.

ICC World Twenty20

The Twenty20 championship takes place every 2 years and is a minor version of the World Cup. Unlike the latter, it has the particularity of being played with the rules of Twenty20 , which is why it is also called in this way. A total of 16 teams participate in the competition: 10 from the ICC plus 6 qualified. The leading teams will go through a preliminary round, a Super 10 round and the playoffs.

ICC Champion Trophy

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The ICC Champion Trophy is not a popular event like the others, but it is still one of the major tournaments that take place in the world of cricket throughout the year. It takes place every 4 years although it initially took place every 2 years. Despite being a secondary tournament it is very popular with cricket fans from all over the world.

The Ashes

“The Ashes” is a tournament in which teams from England and Australia compete against each other, although it is still followed around the world. It is one of the oldest tournaments in the world , running since 1882. Initially England was always in the lead but then Australia started to catch up. The word “ashes” means ashes: the reason why this trophy bears such an unusual name is due to the strange circumstances in which it was born. As we said, England has always been the winning team for a while, but little by little Australia has been asserting themselves. When this happened, the Sporting News published an obituary (obviously ironic) to remember the end of English cricket and specifying that the ashes would be taken to Australia. Hence this bizarre name.

Indian Premier League

India is one of the countries that follows cricket the most and for this reason it is good to remember that the Indian Premier League exists . This competition takes place every year (usually between April and May). Even if the competition is very strong in India, the fact remains that it is also followed in other parts of the world. The tournament offers a discount between 8 Indian teams and is broadcast all over the world.

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Cricket betting online

Cricket betting is a particular sport in Parimatch Malaysia, not everyone knows it well but it is appreciated in many parts of the world. Despite this, an event like the World Cup is also followed by those who are not huge fans, because it is still an international competition. To start betting in this sport it is essential to know all these great events well. If you like to bet on cricket , you should know that there are many sites online with a section entirely dedicated to the sport, but always remember to see if they are legal betting sites with AAMS license .

Each site offers different promotions and various types of bets. Furthermore, before playing it is important to analyze the rankings in order to understand which teams are the favorites. Once you have decided on which event you want to bet on, study the participating teams and the players well. These details can make a difference and you can increase the odds of winning in your online bets.

Cricket betting online