With Parimatch bet, quality made in Italy is chosen, with an offer that is absolutely on par with international competition. Streaming service, schedule, betting odds and a really interesting bonus sector: here are some of the arrows in Parimatch quiver. In particular, the Malaysian bookmaker offers new customers a different offer than usual. What makes the Parimatch welcome bonus special? And what are the other betting bonuses offered by the Italian bookmaker? Let’s find out together.

Parimatch BONUS

It consists of a no deposit bonus that can be activated simply by registering, and a Parimatch Bonus that can be worth up to 300 euros. Let’s see in detail the operation and the conditions to be respected in order to obtain it.

Parimatch no Deposit Bonus

In particular, the 5 euro Free Bonus, which can be used for sports bets, is paid out within 5 days from the validation date of the document, cannot be withdrawn and can be used directly for betting.

The other two bonuses are instead “fun bonuses” and need to be played several times and to respect some particular conditions, in order to be transformed into “bonus cash”.

This bonus is valid for all new customers and does not conflict with the different Parimatch welcome bonuses that we will be able to choose when registering.

First Deposit Bonus Parimatch


If at the time of registration we prefer not to choose the “sport” option (or the others available that we will see later) as a welcome bonus, then we will have a generic bonus on the first deposit that will allow us to receive up to 50% of the value of the deposit up to a maximum of 30 euros.

This Parimatch promotion is valid for all new customers who make a first top-up within 90 days from the registration date, and implies the waiver of other welcome offers.

The Bonus will be credited within 5 days from the date of the first deposit, it will not be withdrawable, and can be used for all the games offered by Parimatch.

Parimatch Sports Betting Bonuses and Promotions

In addition to the welcome bonus, Parimatch offers numerous other promotions to sports betting(soccer betting,  cricket betting, horse racing betting ,  basketball betting,   tennis betting)  enthusiasts, let’s find out in detail.


Multiple Bonus

For all those who like to place multiple sports bets, Parimatch offers an increase on the winnings that can reach up to 144%!

The Multiple Bonus is valid for bets that contain at least 5 events with odds equal to or greater than 1.25 (any lower odds do not cancel the bonus, but are simply not counted in the bonus calculation).

The bonus calculation works as shown in the following table:

Parimatch Casino Bonus Code

For Parimatch Casino lovers, Parimatch Casino Welcome Bonus which consists of a percentage bonus of up to 50 euros on the total balance of the first week of activity on Parimatch. The calculation of the bonus can vary from 10% to 50% depending on the number of platforms we played on in the first week.

The Parimatch Casino section is in fact made up of different gaming platforms, identifiable by the different colors assigned (Orange, Blue, Yellow, Gray, Red, Green, Purple and Pink).

If the balance at the weekend is positive then we will receive an additional win up to a maximum of 50 euros in bonus. If the balance is negative we will receive a refund of up to 50 euros in bonus. The percentage of the balance that we will receive as a bonus is calculated as follows:

  • 10% if bets are placed on 1 platform
  • 20% if bets are placed on 2 platforms
  • 30% if bets are placed on 3 platforms
  • 40% if bets are placed on 4 platforms
  • 50% if bets are placed on 5 or more platforms

The Parimatch Promo Code 25$ Actual Bonuses Review Point

It is no coincidence that Parimatch promo code 25$ actual bonuses is currently considered among the best bookmakers ever on the Italian market. In fact, in addition to the features and functionalities that make it a cutting-edge platform, Parimatch pays a lot of attention to everything related to Bonuses and Promotions.
At the time of registration it is in fact possible to choose from a large variety of Welcome Bonuses depending on what your personal preferences are, and all the different bonuses are undoubtedly very advantageous.

In addition to this, Parimatch promo code and deposit bonus numerous promotions throughout the year to all its users, making customer loyalty one of its strengths.

In conclusion, we believe that as far as Bonuses and Promotions are concerned, Parimatch is one of the best sites ever and if you have not yet opened a game account on Parimatch bonus it can be really convenient to do so to make the most of the many bonuses offered.