Even if you don’t bet on high-profile competitions, you can easily see how versatile basketball is.

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A point difference greater than 10 points may seem huge, but it can be made up for in minutes of play. A wide range of prop bets are available, not only in terms of scoring, but also in terms of total points (even within quarters) and individual player performance.

Despite its fun nature, basketball remains a profitable market, especially for bettors Parimatch review Malaysia who like to use a little strategy to increase their chances of winning.

1. Support a losing favorite

If you are a staunch fan of the sport, you may have noticed that because comebacks are extremely rare in basketball betting, favorites rarely lose. There are many examples of favorites who only need a few minutes of concentrated play to tip the balance of a game in their favor. This usually happens in the second half, after a reprimand from the coach in the locker room. This is considered the best basketball betting strategy by many professional players who only want to bet on this type of situation. Either way, by default, when you bet on a losing favorite, you know you are betting valuable odds.

2. Total score for the 4th quarter

This is another popular basketball betting strategy. One thing you should always keep in mind before placing a bet is to take a look at the betting rules of online bookmakers on this sport. Most bettors Parimatch consider all points scored in overtime as part of the fourth period. So, if you are faced with a tied game where neither team has built a safe point margin, it might be worth betting on the total score. You can win either way, possibly from a series of free throws in the final minutes, but if the game goes into overtime you have five minutes of play left to break the points limit.

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3. Use the basketball lines

The best way to use this strategy is to study the favorite’s upcoming games, especially in the European basketball championships and in relation to teams that also participate in much more prestigious international competitions.

It is obvious that a team that plays and travels every few days will try to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself. If they have a boring league match against an inferior team before a continental match, players will prefer to guarantee victory and not demolish their opponents. In addition, the manager can implement certain rotations necessary to allow second or third choice players to play minutes and keep their holders fit for the most important match to come. This means that before a Euroleague match you could bet on the disadvantage lines in a league match, especially if the points handicap is high.

4. Low scoring leagues in basketball betting

In most basketball leagues, most games exceed 150 points in total. In 48-minute NBA games, that number is even higher, often exceeding 200 points. But what about minor competitions, lower grades, women’s competitions or even youth competitions? The player’s scoring skill is much lower and the overall score average is also low. Bettors often set their world lines based on general stats in smaller leagues, so it’s valid to bet on totals lines when they appear large based on opponents’ average totals.

5. Exhaustion takes its toll

The NBA regular season offers players a busy schedule with 82 games stitched together in less than 180 days. Most away teams (especially if they play in the opposite conference) usually play games every other day and sometimes up to four days in a row. This strategic bet on basketball requires waiting for the third consecutive game without a clear favorite and betting on the underdog who also has the home factor.

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