It is therefore no coincidence that horse racing betting still retains a particular charm today, with millions of horse racing enthusiasts all over the world who try their hand at predictions and forecasts on the outcome of the races. It is no coincidence that some of the major bookmakers dedicate a very large section of their programming to horse racing.

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The best horse racing betting sites are those that offer bettors a huge selection of horse races to bet on, with constantly updated odds and numerous betting possibilities, from winning or placed horse to pairing or trio. The Parimatch present in their schedule all the main national and international competitions and types of odds able to satisfy the preferences of each user, often also with the transmission of live streaming races and news.

Horse racing on Parimatch

Parimatch global also for horse racing bets confirms its attention to the ease of use of the site and app. The odds section on horse racing is not only full of betting possibilities but also easy to consult: the details of the races are highlighted and continuously updated. In this way the bettor can discover in a few moments all the information necessary to elaborate the prediction and play. Also in this case there is a web TV dedicated exclusively to horse racing.

Horse racing online betting: the types of horse racing

To approach the world of horse racing you must obviously know the main types of horse racing. Without a minimum amount of knowledge of rules and competition methods, it is difficult to follow the events and then try to achieve the outcome. It is essential to distinguish above all between trot and gallop, which represent two very distinct specialties also in the betting schedule.


In the trot the horse pulls a gig, a chair, in technical jargon called sulky , with two wheels on which the driver sits. In this specialty the horse maintains a not high but intermediate gait, halfway between step and gallop. It is a two-stroke pace (rear right with front left and front right with rear left) that reaches approximately 55 km per hour.


In the gallop specialty, on the other hand, the jockey rides directly on the horse. In this case, very different courses are foreseen, both flat and obstacle courses. The gallop gait is faster, tilted and takes place in three stages: rear left, then rear right plus front left, and front right. A time of suspension follows before the next stride. In gallop the speed can reach up to 70 km per hour.

Horse Racing Malaysia: the types of bets on horses

The types of bets on horse racing are also varied. All bookmakers that allow games on horses distinguish bets into two main categories: fixed odds and totalizator. Let’s find out the differences between these two types.

Fixed odds betting

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Fixed odds bets are similar to those available for other highly betting sports, such as football, tennis and Formula 1 . The bettor and the dealer agree on a well-defined odds, a fixed amount in fact, which indicates the possible collection in the event of a win. If a horse’s win is priced at 3.00 the bettor will win 3 times the amount wagered. The fixed odds may also vary with the passage of time but the changes do not affect the bets made before the change. Following our example, if the odd from 3.00 rises to 3.50 because the horse’s odds of winning decrease, the winnings collected by the bettor will always be equal to 3 times the initial stake, and will be equal to 3.5 times the bet. stake for bettors who have bet on the horse after the fixed odds have been changed.

Totalizer bets

In totalizator horse racing bets the odds are not fixed. With this type of bet, all the amounts paid by bettors for a certain type of bet are combined into a single amount. At the end of the bets, the withdrawal in favor of the Treasury is subtracted from the amount, and all the remaining sum becomes the prize pool of the race. The prize pool, at the end of the race, when the results are published, is in turn divided among all the winning betting units. This is a bit like what happens with the classic Totocalcio. The odds and the final winnings derive from the calculation of all the bets made on the national territory.

Betting Horse Racing: the types of odds

So what types of odds are available on horse racing? What are the details of the bets placed on horse racing? The list of possible bets on each race is particularly long. Here we indicate the most frequent.

Winning horse

The bet on the winning horse is certainly the most widespread and also the simplest to understand. With this type of bet, the bettor must predict which horse will cross the finish line first. It is obviously possible to play the game with at least two horses declared starters that are not in stable relationship. In horse racing, two horses are stables when they belong to the same owner. In the winning bet, bets on horses in stable relationship with the first horse can also be considered winning.

Horse placed

Compared to the winning horse bet there are higher chances of success and lower odds with the placed horse bets. With this particular play you have to predict the placement at the end of the race of a chosen horse. A distinction should be made between placed two and placed three.In the first case, you bet on the placement of the horse in the first two positions. In the second case, the focus is on placing in the first three positions. These bets are closely related to the number of starting horses. Usually the bet on the place for two is only available if there are between 4 and 7 competitors in the race. The bet on the three-man placement can instead be placed with at least 8 starters. Bets on the placed horse are refunded if the number of starters is reduced to less than 6 in races with three places and less than 4 in races with two places. For this type of bets the stable relationship is not valid.


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The play on the pairing is more complex and varied. The bettor with this type of bet, available only in races with at least four horses at the start, must indicate two horses that will be classified in the first places in the order of arrival.A distinction must be made between coupled in order and coupled in disorder. With the pairing in order you have to predict the first two classified in order of arrival, with the pairing in disorder instead you must indicate the first two placed regardless of the exact order. The paired in order is made available to bettors usually in races with 4, 5 or 6 horses declared to be starters, the one in disorder instead in races with more than 6 or 7 horses at the start (the bookmakers can give different indications). If the number of starters is reduced compared to what is established by the regulations, the bets are refunded. The types of bets on paired in order and in disorder are many, because the bettor can also indicate more than two horses as possible components of the pairing.

  • coupled in order;
  • coupled to turn;
  • coupled with a placed base;
  • coupled with a winning basis.

How to bet on horse racing online: useful tips

Betting on horse racing, online or not, requires a good preparation on the rules and dynamics of racing that most people do not know in depth. Unlike the world of football or motorsport, horse racing is followed by a limited number of fans and it is not easy to find your way around the many types of odds and bets offered by bookmakers. Here we list some useful tips to make bets avoiding mistakes.

Find out about the weather and the race track

The first valuable tip for betting on horse racing is to find out about every aspect that can affect the outcome of the competition, from the weather to the track. It is possible to do this in several ways, both by reading the latest news on the web and by observing the latest information provided by the bookmaker sites. In fact, updated information on the tender conditions is also available on the odds and results pages.

Discover horses and jockeys

Discovering the horses and jockeys in the race is the second step to take in order to thoroughly analyze the race that will be disputed. The odds for betting already provide a clear indication of the odds of winning, who are the favorites. The characteristics of horses and jockeys, their state of form, are a valid support for determining one’s prediction.

Analyze results and statistics

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A beginner bettor can use results and statistics to navigate predictions and odds. Which horses have won in previous editions of a race? How much were they listed on the eve? Bookmaker archives are a mine of data to compare and to think about. The broadcasting of races and comments on the bookmakers’ web TVs is an opportunity to learn new concepts and increase skills.