The options are “Game Won at 0”, “Game Won at 15”, “Game Won at 30” or “Game Won at 40”. In short, it is a question of betting on the score with which a certain game will end. This bet in Parimatch betting involves a surge in odds, but also in the required expertise.

Parimatch betting

Preparing a statistical mirror on the two tennis players can be simple and perhaps useful. This strategy does not guarantee safe predictions, but studied predictions do . It is a strategy that allows beginners not to throw bets at random, while veterans allow them to enrich their personal technical, tactical and athletic interpretation of the race.

“Tennis is a mental game for 50%, physical for 45% and technical for 5%”. Juan Carlos Ferrero

Score set

The options are “0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 in the event of a tie-break. As for the game score, this type of tennis bet also requires a minimum of expertise on the state of form of the tennis players.

Game won to the advantages in tennis live betting

Do you think the two players will bring the match to 40 and 40? If so, you can bet on who will win after the challenge has reached the advantages after the split of 40 and 40. The advantage? The quote. The disadvantage? This type of bet is difficult to hit, not only for a statistical question, but also because it requires competence or perhaps a stroke of luck. If, on the other hand, you are competent in the matter and you are expecting a very balanced duel, try it at no particular expense and on the hunt for a dream tennis betting odds.

Under/Over set

As in soccer with goals and in basketball with points, the “Under / Over” play is also possible in tennis. The advantage of this type of bet lies in the ease with which relevant statistics can be found.

Parimatch betting

It is a matter of guessing whether or not the number of games within the set will exceed a given figure. The thresholds on which you generally bet the most are 21.5 for full matches and 9.5 for single sets.

What happens in the event of a withdrawal ? If one of the two players leaves the match before the threshold has been reached, the bet is refunded. Conversely, bets are declared winners and losers respectively if the threshold has already been exceeded.

Parimatch betting