Below we will guide you in choosing the best football bookmakers with welcome bonuses, in analyzing the markets with advice and predictions for your bets.

Soccer betting: strategies and useful tips

Place a bet

As with bets on all other sports, from tennis to Formula 1, from basketball to horse racing, it is also important to stay up to date on the latest events and monitor the performance of teams and players to bet on football matches and tournaments. And you can benefit by following different strategies and helpful tips.

Consult news, statistics and recent results

The first useful tip for betting on football is certainly not to risk predictions without first having been adequately informed about the progress of the competition. Check out the latest team news it is essential to understand the real chances of success of the formations, probabilities that are sometimes not reflected by the odds of the bookmakers. The choices of a coach on the eve of a match or the unavailability of one or more players can greatly affect the outcome of the match. It can also be useful to read the statistics on the performance of a team at home and away or the history of the coaches. The figures on the number of goals scored and conceded are essential to play on the Under / Over. Reading the recent results is the best way to discover the moods of an entire squad, the difficulties and the need for redemption.

Discover Predictions and Expert Opinions

Obviously, before placing bets on football, Predictions and expert opinions also help to get an idea of ​​the values ​​on the pitch . Sports newspapers often welcome brilliant analyzes of authoritative figures, such as former coaches who have achieved prestigious victories in their careers. In that type of comments there are some ideas that are useful to treasure.

Choose the best sites and compare the odds

Finally, as a strategy, it is worth choosing the best betting sites after comparing their different offers for football bets. The best sites can be considered those that are characterized by a particularly large schedule, an offer of bonuses and promotions, such as no deposit bonuses and welcome bonuses , a platform and graphics functional to the needs of users, effective payment and withdrawal methods , efficient customer service, a clear and easy to use app.

Parimatch Bettingэ

Parimatch football betting offer is also complete , another operator very well established in Malaysia, both for the presence of numerous rooms in the area and for an easy-to-consult site and app. The graphics are simple, the navigation balanced, and it is accompanied by excellent customer support, especially via chat. The events on which to bet also in this case are matches that are staged all over the world. From Japan to Iceland and Ecuador, there is an embarrassment of choosing which league to bet on.

Soccer Betting Malaysia: the main leagues

As previously mentioned, the offer of football bets of the major bookmakers concerns first of all the main leagues, with an offer of possible bets that is extremely wide and varied: it goes from the 1X2 outcome to the number of goals scored, from the name of the first scorer to the assignment of penalties, from the extraction of the red card to own goals, and so on. Interest is very high for the best known and most popular tournaments on the European football scene, such as our Serie A, the Premier League, the Spanish Liga and the Bundesliga, but there is no shortage of leagues and minor leagues, such as Serie B and Serie C. It is also worth mentioning the women’s soccer tournaments , to which bookmakers are dedicating more and more space in their schedule.

A league

In addition to being the most loved league by Malaysian , Serie A is also the most discussed and played in the halls and on betting sites. The top 20-team series is characterized by a mix of internationally renowned clubs (such as Juventus, Inter and Milan) and others historically less titled but equally formidable (such as Rome, Lazio, Atalanta, Naples). The bookmakers offer a complete schedule for the Parimatch Malaysian top flight, up to the mix of chances and combinations of multiple outcomes.

B series

Serie B, a 20-team cadet championship with three promotions in A, is the great stage of the Malaysian provincials , and for this reason it maintains a respectable following. In the list of participants there are also formations with numerous participations in the top flight, such as Parma, Brescia and Spal. As for bets, compared to A, Serie B usually turns out to be more balanced. Bookmakers offer fewer bets but all major odds are available.

Betting on football: the great European cups

Obviously, the big European cups also occupy a central position in the offer of bookmakers . Events such as the Champions League and the Europa League are followed by fans and enthusiasts with the same attention as the national championships, and also for this reason the betting sector has an extraordinary interest from bettors for this type of competitions.

Soccer betting: international tournaments

Finally, the international tournaments: World and European Championships. The major football events for national teams are events expected both by the most passionate of the world of football and by the public who usually follow sporting events with less or little interest. These are globally renowned tournaments with enormous media coverage due to their prestige and the fact that they take place in a period of interruption of all national championships.

Football betting odds: the most popular markets

Although bookmakers provide bettors with a rich schedule of football odds, some markets regularly prove to be more popular than others. Browsing the operators’ websites, just explore the sections dedicated to the most played bets to find out which are the most frequent bets.